Last week we discussed how we go about building queer community. Here are your tho(ugh)ts:

"I’ve been having this conversation a lot lately! Community is based in support (communal), and the nature of parts creating a greater whole (unity). The concept of queer community to me means that expressly unique parts can create an even more powerful whole! I believe it requires intention to honor the bigger picture (the power in unity), and compassion to recognize our connection beyond our differences. With that, so much becomes possible. We don’t need to have anything in common except that we live in line with our authentically, beautifully unique selves and bring that in service of each other as a whole 💖"


"A great solution and alternative has been the events that @guy_social have. Everyone is always sweet and inclusive!"


"The community I’ve built for myself doesn’t include a big gay foundation, but I am lucky in the ones I do have. I try to surround myself with people who accept and support me outside of being gay, but encourage me to fully embrace my own unique take on my sexuality – there are still times where I wish I had more gay friends to relate to, but more and more it feels impossible. How do you meet the well-read, well-traveled gays that aren't thirst traps on instagram, veiling their experiences behind shirtless selfies and sunday fundays with the boyz, suited-up in their tank-top armor and sunglasses, ready to swipe left if you're not going to provide anything more than friendship."